Rye Heritage Corporate Events

Group Bookings

The Heritage Centre is pleased to offer special reduced rates for group visits to the Story of Rye Town Model Sound and Light Show.

The special rate is £1.50 per adult and £1 for children. In making a group booking you are also able to specify an agreed time slot to see the show. Shows last approximately 20 minutes and are available in English English, French French, German German or Spanish Spanish

This offer applies to groups that number ten or more and where a pre-booking has been made. We are able to cater for up to 50 people in any one show.

Group, Corporate and Special Events.

If its a celebration, team building, educational or just a visit for pleasure, we also offer a range of services to make you and your guests visit to Rye truly memorable. Packages and times can be arranged and tailored to meet your needs.

Examples of events we can help you with:- 

Treasure hunts

Rye Guided Tours (Historic or Ghost)

Special access to Camber Castle or the Ypres Tower 

A guided tour of the Rye Nature Reserve (On foot or by Landrover) 

Winchelsea Cellar tours and guided walks around Winchelsea