Old Pier Penny Arcade

  • Haunted Churchyard
    The Haunted Churchyard

On our first floor we host one of the UK’s largest private collections of working antique models and novelty games from the piers and amusement arcades of the British seaside.

The collection comprises over 30 lovingly restored, fully operational machines from the early 1900’s to 1960, and includes the famous Sidney Knows fortune teller, The Laughing Sailor, and The Haunted Churchyard.

The collection is supplemented with nostalgic, coin operated machines such as What The Butler Saw, Davy Jones’ Locker, Cupid’s Love Letters and other novelty games.

Why the Penny Arcade? 

All the machines are operated with the pre – decimal old English penny that ceased circulation in 1971. You are welcome to view the collection of machines and we have a large supply of these old pennies in the Centre which can be purchased for you to play the machines. 

The appeal of the arcade is universal –  why not relive your youth, enjoy the vintage experience, or just while away an afternoon with your children whilst they entertain themselves!