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Guided Ghost Walks Around Rye is a guided tour giving you a mere slither of the spectral experience on offer in one of England’s most haunted towns, and is a great way to start a haunting winter night. Your tour guide will escort you through Rye’s historic half-timbered buildings and winding cobbled streets stopping off at the sites that are home to many things that go bump in the night..

At the Mermaid Inn – Rye’s most famous pub, you will find out that alcohol isn’t the only spirit there! This ancient inn has been featured on many TV shows. Or perhaps walking down Turkey Cock Lane the ghost of the poor monk who was entombed in a wall alive with his lover for trying to elope will drag his shadow next to yours?

For non-believers, it’s a chance to see the town transformed by an enthusiastic, knowledgable guide, who gives the buildings a life and history one would otherwise miss. And for those who want to see a real ghost, try and catch a glimpse of the murderous Hawkhurst gang, plotting their next smuggling adventure in the Mermaid Inn, just don’t let them see you…


Not for the faint hearted or for those under 14 years of age.

Tours start outside the entrance of the Heritage Centre (///usual.worlds.ship). Please arrive prior to our departure time with your ticket or QR code.

Tours last XX hours.

Please wrap up warm and be prepared for a fright or two.


A percentage of each ticket sale goes to help Rye Heritage Centre – registered charity 1187978.


More than 12 people visiting? Experience private showings and talks with exclusive group rates.


Working with schools & colleges we can provide educational materials and talks for many subjects.


Ghost tours, historical tours and more can be purchased directly from the center or here online.